Southwest Indian Guides and Princesses



Who We Are

The Southwest Indian Guides and Indian Princess are recreational programs designed to foster strong bonds between a father and his son and/or daughter. Ages range from 5 to 13.   This encourages quality time between dads and their kids. Our families are primarily from the surrounding Southwest suburbs including Orland Park, Tinley Park, Palos Park, Mokena, New Lenox, Frankfort, Lockport, Oaklawn, Chicago and many more.  

We are two strong nations affiliated with the much larger Algonquin Longhouse Federation.   The Indian Guides & Indian Princesses program has long held the Native American traditions of building and fostering strong bonds between parent and child.  Unlike "drop off" programs, all activities include both parent and child.  Together, you will learn the ancient aims of an honorable culture and hear the voice of the Great Spirit in the winds of the earth.  Together, you will journey to places near and far:  camp deep in the woods, build and race a pinewood derby car, sleep overnight at a museum.  Wherever you go, you and your children will carry this gift of time together in your hearts forever.

A little explanation of our group should go a long way in explaining why you should join.  We meet usually once per month to have an "outing". In the past we have had picnics, campouts, wolves games, trampoline parks, pinewood derby races, Christmas parties, museum sleep overs, and pumpkin carving Halloween parties and much more. We have had our camp outs at premier YMCA camps such as Camp Tecumseh, Camp MacLean, Camp Crosley, Camp Eberhardt, Camp Sullivan and Camp Sherman Lakes.  

As fathers we get to see our daughters and sons grow up while learning such things as archery, riflery, climbing, hiking, fishing, candle making, canoeing, and horse back riding to name a few. In return we are honored as fathers to have our daughters and sons grow up to be loving and strong young women and men who never forget the time they spend with us. In the hectic lifestyle we seem to live today it gives us a chance to be closer to our families, community, and nature. Nothing is more satisfying as a father than to be this close to our children. We also forge strong bonds to the others in the group. I now have a number of close friends that can only be found in a group such as this. 

Why should you join our group? Simple. To forge a stronger bond with your daughter(s), sons and in turn with your family, community, and nature. It is a lifetime of memories that requires so little effort but gives you such a strong return on your investment.  For more information on our program click here MORE INFORMATION OR to view a short video about our program click here VIDEO.