Southwest Indian Guides and Princesses


The Indian Guides and Indian Princesses experience many adventures throughout the year.  A small subset of the most recent and popular activities can be seen below.  In addition to the events there are monthly shorthouse meetings where the dads plan the activities, occasional fundraisers, and occasionally tribe specific activities.

Family Picnic - Annually this is the event that kicks off the season.  It is a combined event for family and friends of both the Indian Princess and Indian Guides.  In addition to enrollment in the program there is a cookout, games, pony rides, police and firetruck demos, bounce house, water balloon launch, fishing derby and much more.

Konows Farm - The Guides and Princesses head to Konow's Farm on consecutive weekends for the Halloween season.  Pumpkins are decorated (natural materials only), food is grilled, scarecrows are built, the corn maze is visited, bulls are ridden, farm animals are petted, hayrides are taken, trick or treating,  and much more.   Prizes are given for the best decorated pumpkins by age group

Camp Tecumseh - Camp Tecumseh is one of the premier YMCA camps in the country.  Located in Brookston, IN (about 2 hours from Chicago) it is our annual camp that both nations attend in fall.  Activities include: horseback riding, zipline, candle making, climbing towers, archery range, rifle range, hiking trails (hike to Ghost Cabin a favorite), slides (Bullet and Black Hole), obstacle courses, campfire, and much more.  One visit to Camp T and you'll always want to go back. 

Christmas Party - Every year the nations host a Christmas Party with the traditional White Castle luncheon.  The kids play games in the school gym followed by lunch, dessert, entertainment, and a visit by Santa and the Grinch for a present.  The highlight is usually the entertainment, recent acts have included the Chicago Boyz gymnastics group, magicians, animal adventures, and dog trick shows.

Pinewood Derby - Another favorite for the kids (and dads) is the pinewood derby.  Guides and Princesses compete in their tribe and then nation for prizes including fastest and best decorated.  The cars are built before the event allowing dad to spend time with his daughter or son building the cars together.  The event also includes a dads race where dad can showcase his skills.

Daddy/Daughter Dance - Needless to say this is a favorite of the girls allowing dad to spend some elegant time dining and dancing with his daughter.  In addition to the dancing there has been a photo booth, games, formal pictures and a fantastic family style meal.  Whether the girls are dancing with each other, playing games, or with dancing with dad a good time is had by all.

Wolves Game/Movie Day - This has traditionally been the guides dual event day.  The morning features a movie with popcorn and drink, while the evening sees dad and the boys going to Geno's East Pizza followed by the Wolves game.  While not as exciting as the Hawks the Wolves always are an exciting experience and the kids have a blast.

Museum Sleepovers - This is one of the more unique experiences for the Princesses and Guides.  Each year a different museum is chosen to attend the Friday all night sleepover.  The kids get the museum to themselves all evening, including dinner, snacks, breakfast and a sleepover.  Each program alternates for variety and each of the major museums is visited: Science and Industry, Planetarium, Aquarium, and Field Museum.  If you are lucky you'll be able to attend them all over your years in the program.

St. Patrick's Day Parade - March brings the Tinley Park St. Patrick's Day Parade where both nations enjoy decorating a float, eating corned beef and cabbage, throwing candy to the crowds and marching in the parade.  Everyone is Irish for the day.

Spring Camp - Spring brings the second camping weekend of the season.  Different camps are chosen each year to ensure a variety of experiences.  Camps visited in the past include: Camp Maclean, Camp Eberhardt, Camp Sherman Lakes, and Camp Crosley.  Each brings different activities including ziplines, giant swing, horseback riding, canoeing, paddleboats, fishing, climbing wall and more.   The evening campfire skits by the camp staff are always a blast.

Cosmic Bowl - The kids (and dads) hit the lanes to show off their bowling skills, or in some cases lack of skills.  In addition to the normal games there are some other fun ones with some unique challenges

Demolition Derby - Another more recent activity for the boys program is the demolition derby.  Held at the Joliet Speedway the dads and guides tailgate followed by the noise and destruction of the demo derby.  Friendly Waivers are had for each of the various derby events.  Alternatively the event has included Dragstrip Racing.

Windy City Thunderbolts - Spring brings us out to the ball game to see the Windy City Thunderbolts in nearby Crestwood.  Besides a great day at the park, the kids can run the bases, enjoy the fireworks and feast on burgers and hotdogs

Swim Party - This has historically been the final event for the Princess Program.  In addition to swimming, eating and enjoying a nice day in the pool the Princesses also had a scuba diving demo.

Cantigny Park - Climbing on tanks in the tank park, visiting the War Museum, picnic in park, tour the McCormick Mansion, hike the grounds and much more this event is always a blast for those who can make it out.