Southwest Indian Guides and Princesses


The Southwest Indian Princesses program is the girls nation affiliated with the Algonquin Federation.   The Princesses nation is the Mohawk and is further organized into 4 tribes (Cree, Menomonee, Timberwolves, and Thunderbirds).  The primary goal of the Princesses program is to foster father/daughter relationships through monthly events like campouts, picnics, museum sleepovers, demo derby, daddy /daughter dances, pinewood derby and much more  For more information please contact one of the members below or send a note to the nation e-mail.

Nation Chief          Walt Bruckner - cell (708) 469-8140 | e-mail

Important Mohawk Nation News 

Make sure you have marked your calendar for upcoming events and let your chiefs know which events you plan to attend.   If you do not have an Indian Name for yourself and son please add to your account setup on the Fed website.

For more detailed information please see the latest Princess Times or contact the nation or tribal leaders.

Upcoming Events

Sep Shorthouse
Mon Sep 10 7:30pm
Jameson's Pub
9545 W St. Francis Rd

Family Picnic
Sun Sep 16 11:00am
Tampier Lake
13179 Will Cook Rd

Konow's Pumpkin Hunt

Windy City Thunderbolts Game

Spring Camp - Camp Sherman Lakes

Field Museum - Dozin with the Dinos

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Pinewood Derby

Christmas Party

Fall Camp - Camp Tecumseh

Konows Farm

Family Picnic

Past Events - Mohawk Nation Pictures